This is an easy solution to the majority of bike theft in the city of Seattle.

This is the ultimate plan to eliminate almost all by bike theft in the city. Here’s how – we have to advertise a day, lets say on June 31st, and that day will be known as the official day where if you have ever stolen a bike before from thats day forward you can pretend you have never stolen a bike before in your life, and just move on as though that part of your never existed.

This day will also be advertised as the day that anyone who knows of bike theft occuring will be definitely turning anyone they know in for the crime, even those that they know, especially those that they know.

So this will allow people who wish that they had never gone into the business you have regrets that they made that mistake, it allows them to get out of a year lifestyle that they regret getting caught up in. I’m sure many bike thieves didn’t realize all the implications they came along with getting involved in such crimes. Now they can effectively have a do over.

Also I think it would be I’m considerate of the the fact that I think a lot of bike thieves got into that business having never thought through there actions and where they would lead. Now they have a chance to turn around and make a informed decision truly have agency to know what it would be like having already chosen that lifestyle.

The stealing and selling of bicycles is a lucrative market with little risk to those who participate in it. its an investment that is a certain and sure thing. There is also a confidence in that anybody involved will keep the criminal activity a secret. If that confidence of non-disclosure was destroyed then the market would have difficulty existing.

Everybody has a certain threshold for risk even bike thieves and death the more risky it is to steel then the fewer people who would be willing to an investment into the crime.

Let’s just say tentatively that June 3 first is the official bike theft last chance forgiveness program day. If you’re still stealing after this day you’re likely to be ratted out and turned in by your friend or associate in the business. Even those who don’t have regrets over being involved the bike theft market will have increased the likelihood that they will get out of that out of work to a great degree.

This is the only solution for the bike theft from the city that is actionable and would it be a solution for everybody not just one side or the other. Nobody likes a bike thief were once anybody to have to bike stolen and we can all be on the same page in the fight against this ever growing problem.

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