Will We See As Many Fare Enforcement This Easter As We Usually See On Holidays In Seattle?

Every major holiday in Seattle you can be sure to see the fare enforcement officers out in there greatest numbers. They deny this but lots of people have noticed it. You rarely see them throughout the year and days you do its always just a few. But every holiday there will be a dozen or so of there little duo and trios bee bopping around the city eager to check your ticket and find people who haven’t paid fare.

I don’t like them. Nobody likes them. They give out tickets to people that don’t pay bus fare or light rail fare. They give out tickets that you don’t have to pay. They give out tickets that basically don’t even exist. You have been given a ticket, but can just pretend you weren’t.

They issued 3400 citations in 2018 but only 94 people paid them.

The fare enforcement program situation whatever whatever was revamped following this report. It is now basically just as pointless.

Just like fare enforcement and fare enforcers in general.

Fare enforcement bursts onto your bus or train, dressed nearly identical to police officers, then proceeds to demand you produce something and if you don’t they demand you show your id and identify yourself.

Fourth Amendment hmhhmhmmm

Still, you can walk away and they will do nothing and couldn’t if they wanted to. If they call the police, none will show, as they have better things to do. Poor sad fare enforcers, nobody thinks or treats what they do as being important or as though it matters…. Because it doesn’t.

Why are we pushing and waiting out for the inevitable. Lets put the whole concept of fare enforcement out to pasture. Its time to put fare enforcement out of its misery, and ours too! Stop wasting money paying these people to do nothing and add nothing. ]

They bring no value to anyone or anything. They are simply a drain. No more fare enforcement. Soon. Now. Please. Like last week already.

Also whoever decided that fare enforcement should be out harassing and issuing citations on Christmas and Thanksgiving…. So evil. Really Though.

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