Why Is Bartell Drugstore Blaming the Homeless?

The CEO OF Bartells is all up on the internet saying that homelessness was the reason the 3rd ave Down town Seattle location was forced to close. She goes on to say that the employees were frightened and in danger and that the homerless shoplifters madestayoing there impossible]

Im sure there are a variety of reasons the store is closing. For her to notmentinon any other reason b esides homeless people and thats comimng from someone who has spent bery little if any time in that store.

Plus, how do t hey know when someomne shoplifts if the person was homeless? If they get away with it thenn you never see what the y look like so that doesnt make sense.

Secondly, if yoiu guys are only catching homeless people or perceived to be homeless people shoplifting, that only proves that you guys are doing your jobs with a implicit bias toward catching homeless shoplifting. This doesnt prove that you are being mostyly shoplifted from by homeless.

My guess is that empoloyees and security would harass and follow around whoebver they thought looked homeless, meanwhile the entire store is shoved into someone designer purse or Burberry trenchcoat.

Every time I was there I felt bad vibes.

Anyway I think the CEO needs to go on record and apoligize to the homess community and the city as a whole as well. Your lack of specificigy and distinction caused in creased fear and anger and caused irreperable damage to the retail and commercial disrrci downtown.

2 thoughts on “Why Is Bartell Drugstore Blaming the Homeless?”
  1. They’re blaming the homeless because that’s who is behind all the shoplifting, employee assaults, etc. Even Helen Keller could see that!

    1. There is no way to know who is doing all the shoplifting. They are only catching shoplifters that appear homeless if they only look for homeless people shoplifting. Lots of homeless people dress in nice clothing that they have shoplifted and would not draw any attention if the store is onl keeping an eye out for homeless looking people.

      Also employees are not supposed to be getting involved in shoplifting or trying to prevent it. How likely do you think it is for someone to be assaulted that poses to threat or isnt interfering in what the shoplifter is doing? The reason all stores have policy that says do not confront shoplifters unless you are security or loss prevention is because it often ends in assault. Safety is number 1 always and if you dont get involved you don’t get hurt. These shoplifters are looking to support there habit not hurt people because they enjoy violence.

      How do you know homeless people are shoplifting?
      How do you know they are doing all the shoplifting?
      How do you know they are shoplifting so much that the store cant stay profitable?
      How do you know that the store could have survived if they would have hired different security?
      How do you know that homelessness is even related to shoplifting at that location?
      How do you know that shoplifting was ever happening at Bartells whatsoever?
      How do you know that there was enough business to stay open even if shoplifting wasnt a factor?

      Im not expecting an answer to all those. There is alot of possible explanations for theft and if they say its all because of homeless people then we should be asking them how the came to that conclusion. Where is the proof or how do they determine who is homeless?

      Lots to chew on. Thanks for engaging and responding. My goal is to get people to talk about how they know what they know so any comments to get discussion going are awesome for achieving this.

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