Police Arrest 3 In Pioneer Square Over Allegation of Mail Theft, Despite A Lack of Any Actual, Tangible Evidence

Wednesday, around 11.30 pm, Seattle Police arrested 3 unnamed suspects for allegedly stealing packages from the Quintessa Apartments mailroom, despite an alarming lack of evidence – no packages or mail on them or in the lobby.

Police said a resident of the building called them alleging that the theft had occurred.

Upon arriving at the Quintessa, the police found the defendants in the lobby of the building and placed them under arrest.

A resident of the building, (not the one who called 911) is seen in the video questioning the police and calling for the suspects to be released.

The police are heard defending the arrests and lack of evidence, stating that they have “probable cause” – the only evidence being the accusation from someone who lives in the building.

No packages or mail was found on the suspects or anywhere in the lobby. The package room was locked and is only accessible by electronic key fob and all packages are secured inside a locking Luxor package drop box, similar to the Amazon drop off boxes in many retail stores.

The suspects all maintain innocence and that they were just charging there phones after visiting a friend.

After being asked several times if he thinks the suspects stole anything and not answering, he proclaims that to be guilty of burglary, someone doesn’t have to have stolen anything, only to have the “intent”

He defends the arrest further by saying that the fact that the suspects were inside a building with restricted access is sufficient evidence to suspect intent to burglarize.

The three suspects were taken into custody, although it was not clear where they were booked or if the police made in person contact with the Quintessa resident who made the accusations of theft and called the police.

Also unclear is if police ever contacted the Quintessa the next day to view the surveillance footage of the lobby and mailroom.

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