PART 1 of *Security, Loss Prevention, Store Management – A Survey -* Post Your Answers in the Comments

Everyone who is tasked with preventing the shoplifting is in a bubble.

This article is from outside the bubble – this is a fresh perspective.

If you are working security, LP, or are in a managerial role in retail, and if you cant or wont answer a question, please explain why. Think its a dumb question, explain why. if it doesn’t make sense, explain how so.

Questions Part 1

-How does a store decide what security/loss prevention company to hire?

-Who is responsible for monitoring the security to specifics for the store they are working in – store property line, points of concern, how to handle shoplifters, prevention versus prosecution, does the security professional following protocol?

How much shoplifting should a security person be able to prevent?

How do the stores determine if the company is effective?

If the shrink of a store worsens, is it assumed the security isn’t doing there job well or is it assumed that the shoplifting is just
too hard to stop?

Are employees supposed to report to there manager when they see a security guard not doing there job right?

How do retail employees know when a security guard isn’t following policies or fulfilling the duties of there job?

What skills are customary for a loss prevention officer?

Is management trained to identify those skills in a security guard?

Are store employees trained to identify those skills in a security guard?

Who is responsible for training employees to identify those skills in a security guard – is it the manager or is it the person who trained the manager?

In terms of security guard misconduct, when a security guard has to be let go because of misconduct, is it attributed to the security services company or do you just assume the security guard was a bad apple?

How much input does a store have over the specific loss prevention/security techniques deployed?

Is a security guard have authority over an employee?

What about over a manager?

If security guard or a loss prevention officer instructs an
employee to do something is this allowed?

Are security guards trained with knowledge of what the policies and procedures and specific duties of the different store employees?

Who is responsible for teaching the security guard about these policies procedures and duties in regards to store employees? Is it the security guards boss, the store manager? If he is given the information to study himself, like in the form of a handbook, who makes he understands the information he was responsible for learning?

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