2 Trees Murdered in Mega Wealthy Magnolia Neighborhood – Seattle Parks Replanting Also Investigating

Seattle, Wa – Magnolia – In a mega rich, multi million dollar mansion neighborhood, someone murdered 2 trees. The motive was likely to improve the view, as the trees were on the side overloooking a hillside cliff, where the view, no longer interrupted, is out over the water.

Seattle Parks and Recreation own the land where the trees once stood. At that location they posted a warning sign and planted 4 new trees in the same spot.

The full text of the sign is below. Also see picture.

“In April 2019 Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) was made aware that an unknown person fatally damaged two Douglas Fir Trees at the southeast corner of Magnolia Park. Herbicide was poured into holes that were drilled into the trunks of each tree. There were scars on the trunk of each tree indicating that this was not the first time that these trees had been vandalized.

SPR has identified the herbicide that was used and we believe there is no risk to adjacent trees or people using the park.

One tree was removed and four tree were planted in its place.

At this time SPR does not know who committed this crime. If you have any more information regarding the act please contact SPR’s Property and Acquisitions staff at 206 684 4860”

Once upon a time you could apply for a permit to trim and cut down trees and bushes on SPR property but about 20 years ago after much public outcry, they stopped allowing this.

Some other tree news stories that were buzz worth in Seattle – The Federal judge in West Seattle who cut down 150 trees to improve his view and the Admiral Way Viewpoint becoming basically not even a thing anymore because of trees growing so tall.

If you walk the sidewalk down the street that the trees are on, and then once you find a view that would have been obstructed, then you have the prime suspect in this selfish crime.

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